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Since our first camp in July 2022, we have come a long way. We have expanded to nearly 50 universities and students have been massively successful in their campaigns all across the country, including Stirling and Cambridge.


This year, we want to grow our community further, aiming for 100 active campaigns by October 2023. We want to empower as many student activists as possible.


Three camps, happening in August, will be available FOR FREE to students across the country who want to make a difference. You will be trained by professionals on how to run a campaign, non-violent direct action, and media and press engagement. You can attend one of three camps:


4th - 6th of August (Midlands, Leicester)

11th - 13th of August (North, Cumbria)

18th - 20th of August (South, Exeter)


There will also be campfires, art sessions, well-being practises, and loads of like-minded people to meet. Join our movement. Please fill out the form to register your availability. Limited spots and spaces are given on a first come first serve basis so register now!⚡


July 2022: Our First Camp

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