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Stage 3

Direct Action

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If you are not getting anywhere with the negotiations (which is likely with such a bold ask), then future students will have the democratic legitimacy to begin engaging in nonviolent direct action to pressure decisions from universities to act in response to the climate emergency. Power speaks to power, and so direct action mobilises people to act. We strategize actions closer to the time depending on the circumstances of each campus and university decision-making. We also provide nonviolent direct action training.


Actions that have already taken place across our campaigns include massive banner drops at three universities, staff office sit-ins, and a united attendance at the London Animal Rights march from student campaigners across the UK. 


This campaign is built on the principles of Kingian non-violence; the last of which is reconciliation. We do not want resentment from those we are campaigning to change. Strive to always be nonviolent, respectful, and kind, and find common ground and act from a place of love so that people are open to understanding why we all need this transition. We have to embody the just and fair world that we are campaigning to create because we can’t instigate these changes a from place of anger and fear. It should be love based.


The goals of this campaign are to create high engagement on the issue, shift student/public opinion, and then get a motion passed through the SU. Even if your motion is not successful, there is still value in having forced the debate, and you can run through the same routine next year. If your motion is successful, be sure to celebrate and then begin engaging in the internal processes and enter into dialogue with management.

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